Tuyet N. Nguyen came to the United States in 1971.  She immediately enrolled to study at the International Institute of Linguistics at Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C., with the plan to study at a business school and eventually start her own business.

Fast Forward, – Mrs. Tuyet Davis is now a well known Dallas veteran with 30 years experience in the restaurant business that started in the Country Club Cafe on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.

She purchased this first restaurant from the chef/proprietor, Mr. Stouffer, who had 35 years experience at that location and he agreed, as part of the deal, to be her first teacher.

Mrs. Davis has had the advantages of extensive study of vietnamese cuisine in it’s native setting, with all of the subtle, yet profound influences on the cuisine of the 100 year French colonial period, as well as the Indian, Chinese, and other Indo-Chinese touches.  Mrs. Davis twenty-five year record in Dallas at La Pagode, East Wind and Lemongrass Asian Bistro in Deep Ellum, the Crescent, and the Quadrangle in Uptown is well documented.

Her travel with her spouse to U.S. Department of State and United Nations assignments enabled further observations of influences on vietnamese dishes at restaurants in Paris and Geneva.  Over the years in Dallas she has received numerous awards/publicity, – including choice as the Dallas Morning News Best of the Best.